JuneCom is an agile marketing & communication unit. 

We partner with active businesses that reached a growth level where they need to better communicate and market to attract new business. We look at this as the transition of a company from spring to summer. And as every summer starts with June, we are here to facilitate that transition.

We help active businesses communicate their way from spring to full seasons of growth.


“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”

- L.M. Montgomery


You'll Have a Blue Sky

Research Services

  • Business & Industry Research

  • Market Research

  • Competition Analysis

  • Key Audiences Research

  • Defining Buyer Personas

  • Delivering a Comprehensive Report with Needed Answers

A Road to Follow 
Communication Strategy

  • Positioning

  • Defining Customer Behavior

  • Establishing Key Messages

  • Picking Suitable Channels

  • Defining the MarCom Expenditure

Someone to Walk With

MarCom Campaigns

  • Content Creation: Social Media, PR, Media Advertising, Written Content etc.

  • Media Buying

  • Online Marketing Campaigns

  • Offline Campaigns Activation: Radio, Outdoor and Events...

And a Way to Improve

Measurements & Tracking

  • Customer Satisfaction Researches

  • Media Coverage Monitoring

  • Tracking of key Social Media Analytics

  • Providing Key Learnings and Actionable Insights 

Dancing challenges into a blossom of results



Instant Factoring

Increase brand awareness through storytelling



Launch Commoditrader platform in Romania


Otto Broker

Increase the visibility of the corporate insurance division


Ida Boesen


For our launch of Commoditrader and our digital marketplace for the trade of agricultural commodities, we worked in close collaboration with June. Entering a market from the distance requires the right team on the ground and June supported us to a high extend on the PR and media side of our launch. We ended up with more than doubling our goal of reach, and had a highly successful launch. June receives our highest recommendations!


Work Process


We sit down for a long afternoon talk and get familiar with the goals you want to achieve. Clear objectives help us stay on track and provide a standard to compare our results against.


We get creative and expressive with the craft of content and then rush out to share them with the world. It's time for your company's voice to get heard and stir feelings in people. 


We open every door and window in a quest to melt away the unknowns of the business, industry, competitors and key audiences. We search for insights about the market segments we should focus on.


After this exuberant run, we lay down, observe and talk about what happened. Did we impress the right people and reached our initial goals? What can we improve next time?


The time of serious play - we draw out strategies & tactics, uncover key messages,  pick suitable channels and mold budgets. The goal of this is to have direct and honest conversations with people that matter for your business. 

Calculator asigurare credit comercial.png


Otto Broker

Trade Credit Insurance Online Calculator Launch

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Fintech Launch: How to Enter the Market the Right Way

Dancing challenges into a blossom of results



Instant Factoring

Increase Brand Awareness Through Storytelling



Commoditrader Platform Launch in Romania


Otto Broker

Increase the Visibility of the Corporate Insurance Division

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