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Successful PR launch: The Slovak start-up marketplace for technicians and craftsmen becomes available in Romania


  • Technology App, Construction Industry, House maintenance


Wilio is a Slovak online platform and mobile application that helps customers find proven local service providers and craftsmen. The only thing a customer must do is submit a request to receive offers from qualified professionals in the area. Ratings and verified reviews will help him choose a provider. Moreover, Wilio brings a new way of attracting customers for the service providers, helping them use technology and provide a comfortable order of any services. In Slovakia, Wilio has already mediated the implementation of more than 77.692 projects, with a total value of 123 million euros. The platform also brings together the largest number of service providers in Slovakia, up to 30.343 in almost 400 categories.

Services Provided

  • The full full-service organization of an Offline Press Conference event

  • Industry research and market context analysis for writing the benchmark study for the Client 

  • Press Release & Benchmark study writing, published into the specialist, general, and business media 

  • Media Relations 

  • Media pitching to general and specialized journalists for creating further organic press opportunities: opinion articles and interviews. Management of Romanian press office to handle media inquiries

  • Media Coverage Monitoring, SOV, and media sentiment analysis



Wilio had its soft launch in Romania last year, in July 2021. In just two months from the launch, more than 3.100 professionals registered, and over 2.500 projects were published, proving the favorable local market context. However, the brand still needed to gain awareness among its target users and potential stakeholders, as the platform was not nationally known at the moment.


When it comes to finding the right craftsmen to fix a problem around the house or the right designer and constructor to help you redecorate, the construction industry in Romania is always challenging. We used this insight to create an appealing story that will get the media's attention and attract Wilio's target audience.

We positioned Wilio as an alternative for traditional services that help the customers find the best service provider according to their needs.


Thus, we used two Public Relations tools. First, we organized a Press Conference to mark Wilio's official launch. At the event, the CEO presented an industry benchmark comparing the construction markets from Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary, using our research team and the data provided by Wilio from its portfolio.


The event was organized following the imposed guidelines for offline events, considering the pandemic context. Nine journalists from business, general and specialized media attended the press conference. They got the chance to engage with the brand more personally, and better understand its values and business plans for Romania.

After the press conference, we issued a press release to spread the news wider.

To get even more attention towards the brand, we mediated two TV appearances featuring the CEO and the Regional Manager in two business shows, Aleph Business News and IT Trends at Prima TV.


  • 1 Offline Press Conference hosting 9 journalists from business and specialty media

  • 1 Press Release announcing the official launch

  • 1 Industry Benchmark 

  • 2 TV interviews

Industry Benchmark

JuneCom researched the market to collect data, combining the clients' know-how and portfolio information related to prices for different maintenance services in three countries: Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary.


The information was presented as an industry benchmark, focusing on a comparative analysis between the fees for various utilities, from cleaning to craftsmen, electricians, bathroom remodeling, or bricklaying, and the most requested services in these countries.

The study presented at the press conference attracted the media’s attention, as, Mediafax, and HotNews took over the news.

The Outcome

The strategic communication throughout the collaboration between JuneCom and Wilio was aimed at generalists, the economic press, and specialty media.

The strategic communication throughout the collaboration between JuneCom and Wilio targeted the general, economic, and specialty media.

We positioned the company as a dynamic start-up, oriented towards innovation and development, bringing efficient solutions for people in their life when needed. We secured PR outputs into important publications, such as Revista Biz, Wall-Street,, News București, Adevărul, Money Buzz, Misiunea Casa, Constructiv, Agenda Construcțiilor. Moreover, a few other dozens took over materials about Wilio, consolidating its position on the market.

Wilio’s launch by numbers:









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