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WE TEST FROM ROMANIA – From the project stage to national worthy news


At the time of launching the initiative, Romania was on the verge of a health crisis. PCR machines were overloaded, the number of plasma donors was very low, and ATI beds were in danger of depletion. The rapid tests developed by RomLab and produced by Sintofarm represented a solution through which our country could get ahead of the virus curve.

RomLab tests supported the relief of RT-PCR testing, leading to the use of 10 times fewer PCRs, in a time interval 5 times shorter. They were an ideal tool for mass testing the population.

The Challenge

RomLab wanted to bring its rapid tests to the public, to attract the authorities in a partnership, and raise awareness about the alternative of using local producers, with experience and competitive products, to solve problems of national importance.

The company turned to Doctor MIT, Dr. Bogdan Ivănescu, an influencer in the field of health, to put his intentions into practice. June Communications and Studio kort joined the project team. Through an excellent synchronization, in just a few days the strategic planning, the development of the creative concept, and the implementation of the action plan were achieved.

The action plan

Given the involvement of 3 distinct entities in the organization and the extremely short time, synchronization was a key factor, as well as the level of experience and responsibility of the partners. The communication was excellent, and Whatsapp, Miro, and Teams proved their effectiveness, as well as the 24/7 friendly space from Nod makerspace.

The process started with a research stage on similar initiatives in the local and international market, the study of medical documents, the opinion leaders involved, the history of the 2 client entities, and last but not least, the market context.

The basis for drawing up a communication strategy and developing a creative concept is always rigorous documentation on the subject.

The creative stage was based on brainstorming facilitated over several hours so that in a short time, several creative directions can be developed. Through collaborative #designthinking work tools specific to the ideation stage (POINt, 5 Why's) resulted in a multitude of ideas that led to 2 creative directions and from which the concept WE TEST FROM ROMANIA was extracted and developed.

The insight of the creative concept was given by the fact that we can be strong and efficient, and we can solve our problems and difficulties locally, and we are able to save ourselves from right here in Romania. We don't always have to wait for everything to come from others. We can be better, but we have to start somewhere, have courage, determination, and perseverance.

The action plan created the communication platform WE TEST FROM RO, an online environment where journalists and those interested can find relevant information about tests, the press release and press kit, and have access to photos and videos during the conference.

To get the message sent through the press conference to reach the target audience, lists of keynote speakers were made: authorities, medical personalities, NGOs, as well as guests in the auditorium and top journalists from all media.

As part of the communication kit, personalized branded invitations were created for each guest, the event program, postcards with key messages of the platform, video presentation, and signage elements for the event location.

The D-Day

The day of the conference was the moment when the initiative officially made itself known to the public, on Roberto’s terrace on the street of the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel. Doctor MIT hosted and moderated the event, and June Communications and Studio Kort supported him logistically and administratively. The guests were received in a setting that complied with all prevention and protection measures in the context of the pandemic and received all communication materials.


The WE TEST FROM ROMANIA initiative aroused major interest, both from the press and from medical personalities and authorities.

Over 125 general, specialized, local, daily publications, news agencies, television, and social media pages took the information and distributed it to their audiences.

The most important televisions that talked about the RomLab initiative were Pro TV, Prima TV, RomaniaTV, Antena3, and TVR1. The news was also taken over on radio shows, on channels such as Radio ZU and PRO FM.

Communication Platform

Check all the relevant information about tests, the press release and press kit, and a photo & video gallery of the conference, on the WE TEST FROM RO communication platform.

“For me, it was one of the most relevant projects of 2020. I combined several areas of professional expertise, I enjoyed an extraordinary collaboration with other professional colleagues, for an initiative in which I strongly believed. And from the project objectives point of view, the results were very good, a maximum in the given context.”

- Iuliana Floricică, co-founder, June Communications.

PR Results

Read the full news on Mediafax.

TV Interview


In the meantime, several rapid testing products against SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and initiatives that have proposed mass testing have appeared on the market. The prime minister did not consider the strategy of mass testing of the population to be effective. A new national and regional semi-lockdown followed until the approval of a vaccine against the virus.


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