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Why Working with Start-ups Is so Challenging and Rewarding at the Same Time?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I’ve been collaborating with several start-ups for a couple of years now and it’s been very dynamic.

Becoming an integral part of the founders’ business dream is the most important aspect of a partnership with a start-up for me. Like myself, most of the start-up founders I partner with are people with a strong background in corporate, so we share a common approach of a strong process structure. 

They started on their own with the idea of wanting more, getting out of their comfort zone, growing professionally and personally, being courageous, and building upon their dream. I admire and relate to this journey, so it’s easy for me to understand the founder’s vision and translate their objectives into impactful strategies and measurable results.

After spending 10 years in corporations I can say that I am so grateful to have learned the professional basics in the corporate world. I had the chance of being part of great learning environments which made it easier for me to create a solid foundation on processes, working with and managing teams, being exposed to cultural diversity, and build on it to become a professional in marketing and communications.

But working with #start-ups is so different from corporations. Determination, dynamics, rapidity, volatility, emotions, sometimes unpredictability, and a lot of patience are only a few aspects to name. It keeps me involved and the agency so close to our partners’ businesses.

At the same time, it is so rewarding acknowledging the results of our efforts at every step of the way. The way our actions are translated into measurable results impacting our partners’ business. In the long run, if there’s an opportunity for a long-term collaboration, we grow together as professionals, as businesses, and as human beings. The adrenaline level is high and keeps me connected and active.

Another great thing, mostly as an advantage of managing an independent agency, is that I get the opportunity of learning about new industries. In the process of becoming an integral part of our partners’ business, as a MarCom mobile unit, we learn about the markets and industries we are activating in.

In the past years, we’ve learned about online marketplaces in #agribusiness and trading with commodities via Commoditrader, about #fintechs and SMEs financing solutions, collaborating with Instant Factoring, about the digital platform in legal services, collaborating with Avoteca, about digital financial reporting solutions collaborating with FinLight Project, about digital and 3D printing & plotting from The Plot & The Craft, about makers and involvement into social projects from Make for Romania, and about the power of an entrepreneurial community from Nod makerspace.

Working with start-ups has taught me that there’s an opportunity in every difficult situation. I learned that being adaptable, confident in my capabilities, and open to embracing challenges is a good attitude to move ahead. 

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