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How to set the stage for a successful PR launching abroad

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Want to launch a brand on a foreign market? A simple translation of your press release will not be enough. The first impression counts when entering a new country because it will dictate your relationship with the media and the public. A good PR strategy will also help you achieve your most important business goals: create brand awareness, gain new clients and market share, and establish a strong position for your brand.

Here are the essential guidelines for setting up a successful PR launching.

Research, research, research

Start with industry research. What are the trends in the new country? Is your business bringing something new to the market? If your product or service is a novelty, you should adapt your communication strategy to first educate the public about the subject.

If the product already exists, continue your research with your competitors. Analyse their online presence, how they communicate with the public, at what frequency, and on what channels. By observing your competitors, you can learn what communication strategies work best and adapt your plan.

Then, move your focus on the media. Find the relevant publications and journalists in your industry and broad and business media. What subjects do they usually cover, and how is the public receiving them? It will help you craft your story when you launch the PR campaign, to make sure they will take over your press release.

Know your audience

Even though people may communicate in your language, they are thinking, feeling, and judging differently. Avoid a culture clash with thorough research. Check if there are any words that are considered offensive or have other meaning in the local language. Take account of local traditions and conduct, especially for your business, meetings or interviews.

You can observe people on unofficial channels, to get to know their way of communicating. This will help you speak their language and build trust.

For example, Americans are direct when communicating, they usually “get to the point” and sometimes miss nuances. Japanese communication, on the other hand, is very indirect and people tend to use ambiguous speech and understatements to convey their message more subtly. Romanians often express themselves with emotion and passion and rely on stories, anecdotes, and jokes to prove their point.

You can use websites like Cultural Atlas to do your research.

After you gather all these valuable insights, adapt your messages accordingly.

Start to build your online presence

Lay the groundwork of a strong online presence for your brand before the PR launch. Make sure the company’s website is complete with all the necessary information and is translated into the local language. Set up social media pages, even if you don’t have content yet, to at least make sure you are easy to find. After you launch the PR campaign, interested journalists can easily find updated information about your company and contact details.

Select a spokesperson

Appoint a spokesperson that will be the face of your company. This person should be a strong communicator that can handle stressful situations such as live interviews. Also, he/she should know well the landscape of the new market, to deliver your message the right way. A great idea is to select one of the local business representatives that have lived and experienced the country’s culture first-hand.

By appointing an engaging and personable spokesperson you will seem relatable and trustworthy, and you will be able to form a bond between your organization and your public.

Carefully choose your PR representative

Analyse your options before you choose who should lead your PR efforts. Think if you want to work with a freelancer, a PR agency, or maybe hire an in-house local PR specialist. Ask for several offers to have a good picture of the fees and capabilities.

Working with a local PR agency has several benefits. They have knowledge of the local market and industry, have contact with relevant journalists, and can generate better results, in contrast with your internal resources or a freelancer.

When launching a brand on a foreign market, keep in mind that the classic rules of PR still apply, but you must be highly careful to adapt them to your new audience. Thorough research and local connections will be your trusted allies for a successful launch.

Preparing the PR launching on a new market can be daunting. But with the help of a specialized agency, your launch is set for success. JuneCom knows the insights of entering a foreign market. Learn more about the process and the generated results, from our case study with Commoditrader.

Are you ready to reach new horizons? Say hello at comunicate@junecom.ro. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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