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Waterdrop Romania launches the new sustainable limited edition collection for Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2022 at 7:00:00 AM

Waterdrop Romania launches the new sustainable limited edition collection for Valentine’s Day

Bucharest, 03.02.2021: With the entry of the month of love and gifts, Waterdrop Romania launches on the market a limited edition collection for Valentine’s Day. The product range includes containers, accessories, as well as a new flavor of Microdrink - LOVE, a combination of pomegranate, goji berries, and Schisandra, ideal for extra hydration and well-being.

With a conscious approach to the environment and a vision of sustainability, Waterdrop offers innovative and sustainable solutions to encourage consumers to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced hydration regime, focusing on the most valuable resource on the planet - water.

"We intend this year, on Valentine’s Day, to inspire the choice of useful gifts for the loved ones and, at the same time, to encourage self-love. We want to be close to the consumers in their daily lives and help them be in balance with their own body, to make healthy choices regarding the optimal hydration regime", says Katerina Navratilova, CEO of Waterdrop CEE.

Microdrink is a pure organic product, made from natural extracts of fruits and plants, as well as vitamins, which do not contain sugar or preservatives. Each cube dissolves in 400-600 ml of cold water and has its own special combination of fruits and vitamins.

The new LOVE flavor, from the Valentine’s Day collection, enriches the water with a series of natural plant extracts, being another healthy option for proper hydration. Pomegranate, one of the most powerful antioxidant fruits, is a rich source of vitamins and minerals important for the body, helping increase immunity and restore dry skin due to its high water content.

With a unique sweet-sour taste, goji is an indispensable ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, low in calories, but rich in fiber and nutrients, often used against viruses and bacteria. Schisandra or "the fruit of the 5 flavors", a plant known for balancing body functions, has calming effects, is considered a natural anti-stress drug.

LOVE, in limited edition, joins the 12 permanent flavors already existing in Waterdrop's portfolio, which contain interesting mixes of ingredients such as blackcurrant, black shock and acai, mango, cactus and artichoke, guarana, blackberry and cola nut and physalis, rosemary and mint.

With the launch of the LOVE flavor, Waterdrop also created a new bottle with a themed design, with Japanese cherry blossoms, in a limited edition. The container is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, with a matte appearance, resistant to heat and scratches, perfect for safe and comfortable transport of the drink. With a capacity of 600 ml, it is fitted with a stainless steel lid, which closes tightly to prevent spillage during transport.

To promote a sustainable lifestyle, Waterdrop has created a set of glass cups and straws, made of very durable material. Reusable and durable, suitable for any type of beverage, whether cold or hot, glass straws are an ideal alternative to plastic straws, which are among the most common microplastic waste. Glass straws are transparent and can be used for a long time, being made of borosilicate glass, and their cleaning is very easy, with the help of the special brush included in the package.

"Caring for the environment is one of the core values ​​of the company and we constantly invest in research and development, an essential activity in our business. We aim to launch products that are sustainable, in order to encourage people to give up plastic and adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle”, says Katerina Navratilova, CEO of Waterdrop CEE.


About Waterdrop

Waterdrop is a brand founded in 2016 by Martin Donald Murray and Henry Murray, with the mission to encourage people everywhere to consume more water for a healthier, longer-lived, and sustainable life. The brand is present worldwide in 12 markets, 11 markets in Europe (Germany, Austria, UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania), and the USA, serving more than 1 million customers worldwide.

Waterdrop CEE will celebrate 4 years of activity in May. The company is committed to carefully handling the basic raw material, water, and helping to protect the environment. With the solutions offered, up to 98% of packaging and CO2 are saved, protecting the planet's resources.

Waterdrop® means functionality and design to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Thanks to the quality of the ingredients and the unique design of the products, Waterdrop is closer to its community in everyday life, actively contributing to the promotion of a balanced lifestyle.

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