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Waterdrop Romania launches ORO, a new type of capsules from the Microenergy range

April 27, 2022 at 5:30:53 AM

Waterdrop Romania launches ORO, a new type of capsules from the Microenergy range

The manufacturer of effervescent capsules and reusable beverage containers, Waterdrop, announces the consolidation of the Microenergy range. ORO, the latest assortment, contains a tropical fusion of mango and guava, with natural caffeine extracted from the Guayusa plant.

With a centuries-old tradition taken from the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Guayusa is an invigorating plant with worldwide popularity due to its properties. It contains natural caffeine, which gives the drink an energizing effect, and theobromine, an ingredient that stimulates well-being, alertness, and concentration. In addition, Guayusa is rich in antioxidants and can be used to prevent chronic diseases and stabilize blood sugar levels.

When we feel that we need more energy, most of us choose to consume energy drinks, sweetened juices or more coffee, regardless of the potential negative effects on our body in the long run. Our mission is to promote a balanced lifestyle, because it is the basis of our health and well-being. With the launch of the ORO range, we are consolidating a new range in our portfolio, Microenergy. Through this, we want to help those who want extra energy and vitamins to accomplish all of the daily tasks in a healthier manner” stated Katerina Navratilova, the CEO of Waterdrop CEE.

In Romania, the consumption of energy drinks is constantly growing, and more and more people choose them to the detriment of natural or non-carbonated ones. According to the market research conducted by Euromonitor on the evolution of the market in 2020, 35 million liters of energy drinks were consumed in 2019, meaning 1.8 liters per capita, 40% more than in 2015. Also, according to Eurostat, the daily consumption of sweetened beverages is more common among men than women.

Along with NERO and SHIRO, the other two varieties in the Microenergy range, ORO is a healthy alternative to classic energy juices or coffee, as it does not contain sugar or preservatives. The capsules are appropriate for active people looking for extra energy during training or the daily life. The soft drink can be quickly prepared, by dissolving the Microenergy cube in 400-600 ml of water.

Along with the fruity aroma, the capsules are enriched with vitamins C, B6, B12, niacin, and pantothenic acid to complete a balanced lifestyle. Mango and guava are also well-known fruits for their rich content of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system, bring extra energy and help maintain optimal blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The accessory that completes the ORO collection is a practical water bottle made of durable, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant glass with a protective neoprene cover and a reusable straw set with a limited edition design. The bottle has an innovative Soft Square shape to be easy to handle and use both during training and throughout the day. This collection also includes a limited edition set of glasses in a sheer shade of gold.


About Waterdrop

Waterdrop is a brand founded in 2016 by Martin Donald Murray and Henry Murray, with the mission to encourage people everywhere to consume more water for a healthier, longer-lived, and sustainable life. In 2022, Waterdrop was recognized by the Financial Times as the fastest-growing company in the Food and Beverage sector in Europe. Present worldwide in 12 markets, 11 markets in Europe (Germany, Austria, UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania), and the USA, Waterdrop serves over 1 million customers globally.

The company is committed to carefully handling raw resources like water and helping to protect the environment. With the solutions offered, it saves up to 98% of packaging and CO2, protecting the planet's resources. Waterdrop® means functionality and design to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, actively promoting a balanced lifestyle. Through the ingredients quality and the unique product design, Waterdrop gets closer to its community in everyday life.

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