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Waterdrop celebrates strong, creative women by launching a new limited edition collection with a design inspired by Frida Kahlo

March 11, 2022 at 8:30:00 AM

Waterdrop celebrates strong, creative women by launching a new limited edition collection with a design inspired by Frida Kahlo

In Women's Month, Waterdrop, the manufacturer of Microdrinks and sustainable containers, launches a new limited edition themed collection with a design inspired by the personality and works of Mexican-born artist Frida Kahlo. The brand aims to encourage women to take care of themselves and adopt healthy habits, such as regular water drinking to have the best tonus for all everyday activities, specific to a dynamic lifestyle.

Frida Kahlo lived in Mexico in the 19th century, being one of the most emblematic artists of the century. She was born in 1907, and although she was only three years old when the Mexican Revolution of 1910 broke out, she always considered it the year of her birth, wanting to be associated with the historic moment. Although she suffered from polio during her childhood, and at 18 was involved in a severe bus accident, Frida used her accumulated energy creatively, turning it into art.

“Being an exponent of the feminist current and still a model for many women worldwide due to her rich life experience, Frida inspired us in creating this new collection. Like her artwork that combines elements inspired by nature, such as the leitmotif of flowers that symbolize rebirth, but also the vibrant colors, the latest collection signed by Waterdrop in collaboration with Frida Kahlo Corporation brings a dose of optimism for the new season”, stated Katerina Navratilova, the CEO of Waterdrop CEE.

Durable bottles for strong women

The entire collection includes three exclusive designs with the unmistakable portrait of Frida Kahlo, wrapped in magnificent poppies, flowering lilies, or delicate hibiscus, which catches the attention. The containers have a capacity of 400 ml, 600 ml, or 1 l, made of borosilicate glass, resistant to heat and scratches, with a sealed stainless steel closure, which comes with an insulating neoprene protective cover.

The kit also includes the products from the GLOW Microdrinks range, that dissolve into water, flavored with mango, cactus fruit, and artichoke so you can get an energizing drink anywhere, anytime, with minimal preparation time.

“Diversity, an open mind, and equality are values very close to our hearts at waterdrop® in the International Women's Week but not only. We want to support women who fight for global equality, gender equality, and the rights of girls and women around the world. In this regard, we have chosen to support the non-profit organization Global Fund For Women by donating 10% of the sales of the Frida Kahlo collection”, added Katerina Navratilova.

Frida Kahlo used to say that she paints flowers so that they don't die, this is the metaphor behind the new Waterdrop collection that honors her emblematic figure and personality. Just like flowers, which need water to grow, so does our body. Proper hydration brings many benefits to the body, both internally and externally, from the brighter skin appearance to the oxygenation of the brain and the improvement of all internal organs activity.

With this launch and the new slogan "Drink more water, cherish your mind", the brand aims to encourage as many women as possible to take constant care of them on all levels and at the same time to consume more water to stay fit and keep the natural beauty for a long time.


About Waterdrop

Waterdrop is a brand founded in 2016 by Martin Donald Murray and Henry Murray, with the mission to encourage people everywhere to consume more water for a healthier, longer-lived, and sustainable life. The brand is present worldwide in 12 markets, 11 markets in Europe (Germany, Austria, UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania), and the USA, serving more than 1 million customers worldwide.

Waterdrop CEE will celebrate 4 years of activity in May. The company is committed to carefully handling the basic raw material, water, and helping to protect the environment. With the solutions offered, up to 98% of packaging and CO2 are saved, protecting the planet's resources.

Waterdrop® means functionality and design to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Thanks to the quality of the ingredients and the unique design of the products, Waterdrop is closer to its community in everyday life, actively contributing to the promotion of a balanced lifestyle.

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