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WABAG Water Services announces plans to strengthen its position in the Romanian industrial sector

July 6, 2021 at 6:00:00 AM

WABAG Water Services announces plans to strengthen its position in the Romanian industrial sector

Bucharest, 06.07.2021: WABAG Water Services S.R.L. (WWS) is an expert in the field of design, build and operate (DBO) of industrial wastewater treatment plants. Headquartered in Bucharest, the company has successfully realized ten industrial projects in the last decade to ensure environmentally friendly wastewater disposal and water recycling. The company intends to intensify its activities in this specialized sector in Romania and has announced its plans to strengthen its position in the Romanian market. In line with this objective, WABAG Water Services has recently launched its website,, in the Romanian language to enable improved information, technical education and to start a dialogue with concerned industrial companies.

Leading multinational player in water technology

WABAG Water Services is part of the international VA Tech WABAG Ltd. Group, with a presence in four continents and over 20 countries. The WABAG Group is one of the world‘s leading companies for the design, construction, and operational management of complete water and wastewater treatment plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors providing comprehensive and advanced treatment solutions. Recently WABAG has been ranked 4th Globally by Global Water Intelligence (GWI), London – the leading publisher serving the international water industry - under “The world’s top 50 private water operators” for ensuring safe and clean drinking water and Sanitation for over 71 million people across the globe.

"We are very proud to be part of a leading international water technology company, currently ranked 4th in the TOP 50 World Private Water Operators. To share our international experiences and to connect closer to our customers and partners in Romania, we have launched the Romanian version of our website, an achievement of which we are also especially proud.", commented Erwin Moetz, CEO of WABAG Water Services S.R.L.

WABAG Water Services S.R.L. is specialized in the realization and operational management of industrial water and wastewater treatment plants. The company offers state-of-the-art technological solutions for both municipalities and industries. The areas of expertise include design and engineering, construction, installation, commissioning as well as long-term operational management and maintenance.

The company was founded in 2008 in Bucharest and since then has been serving various industrial sectors in Romania by providing innovative solutions for effluent treatment, both as rehabilitation, modernization, plant extension as well as for greenfield projects for industries such as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Chemical industry or Tobacco production for clients a.o. OMV Petrom, PepsiCo, Philip Morris Int. For Clean Tech International and Green Tech, WABAG is currently realizing projects for effluent treatment plants for their production facilities which shall be completed in 2022.

Sustainable solutions for a prosperous economy - and a better life.

In Romania, over 50% of the total volume of wastewater emanates from commercial and industrial businesses. These effluents contain pollutants and heavy metals such as Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Lead, and Zinc and thereby demand proper treatment. The NSI report on water distribution and wastewater discharge in 2019 shows that 1,870 million m3 wastewater is discharged into natural receivers, therefore about 34 % without any treatment. The volume of over 1,200 m3 treated wastewater from municipal wastewater treatment (930 million m3), industrial wastewater treatment plants (290 million m3), and independent WWTPs (19 million m3).

In Romania, there is still 631 million m3 of industrial wastewater that needs to be purified appropriately.

The offerings of WABAG Water Services combine environmental protection with economic benefits for its customers and can herewith contribute to sustainable industrial and economic development. WABAG’s technology solutions are also in line with the Green Deal provisions proposed by the European Commission.

“We are highly motivated by the goal of becoming one of the top 3 water companies worldwide, and we continue to make great strides in this growth journey. Nevertheless, our main mission is to provide a safe water supply for people and industries globally and contribute actively to environmental protection. Romania is an important market for the WABAG Group, and we are determined to develop this market to a level of education and accountability of companies in terms of industrial wastewater treatment, in line with European programs dedicated to this industry”, commented CEO Erwin Moetz.

Supporting Romanian industries – presenting possibilities

WABAG continues its innovation to develop advanced technological solutions to provide various industries with tailor-made processes for effluent treatment and sustainable water recycling. In 2021, WABAG Water Services aims to run a communication campaign to raise awareness about the importance of wastewater treatment in terms of economic and environmental benefits. This is not only concerning legislation but also for technological education, and the building of an appropriate local industrial environment.

Providing comprehensive information in the Romanian language at

With the new Romanian version of the website of WABAG Water Services, the company provides comprehensive information on the technologies and services that ensure environmentally friendly and innovative treatment of water and wastewater together with best-practice reference examples.

WABAG aims to support companies in their transition to an environmentally friendly economic business. Starting in the fall of 2021, the company will organize a series of workshops and events with a focus on sustainability to increase not only information but also the sense of responsibility of Romanian industries.


Around the world, the WABAG name stands for innovative and successful solutions in the water engineering sector. As an internationally respected expert group, we act as a systems specialist and full-service provider with a focus on the design, construction, and operation of drinking and wastewater treatment plants for municipalities and industry in the growth markets of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The WABAG Group and its subsidiaries are companies and offices in more than 20 countries. a permanent workforce of around 1,500 and has unique technological know-how at its disposal, based on innovative, patented technologies and long-term experience.

Since 1995, WABAG has completed over 1,400 water and wastewater plants worldwide. Through the conservation and ecological use of the world’s most valuable resource, WABAG has made a sustained contribution to an improvement in the quality of life of well over a hundred million people. WABAG is thus one of the world’s leading partners for investments in a future that is worth living.

WABAG Water Services SRL is part of WABAG Europe Group. The company specializes in the design, construction, and operations of industrial wastewater treatment plants.

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