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The students of the Faculty of Management and Rural Development experience agricultural products trading on international digital market

May 11, 2020 at 9:00:00 PM

The students of the Faculty of Management and Rural Development experience agricultural products trading on international digital market

Commoditrader, the international platform for digital trading with agricultural products and the Faculty of Management and Rural Development within USAMV Bucharest, have concluded an educational partnership. The 80 students from the Engineering and Management of Agricultural Affairs specialization from the branches in Bucharest and Calarasi, will participate in the week of May 18-22 in one and a half hour courses, delivered by Commoditrader, to experience the trading of agricultural products on the domestic and international markets, elements of digital commerce and stakeholders, as well as mechanisms for securing and financing transactions.

Through the concluded partnership, the two organizations aim to exemplify in the teaching process essential aspects that a future specialist, a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Rural Development working in agribusiness, should know: the type of transactions and their positioning (announcements and periods) that can take place between the users of the platform - as sellers or buyers, the mechanisms of operation within digital agricultural trading, prices and the functioning of the physical market, tools for protection and financing of transactions, trading parameters and quality of cereals in a contract, establishing a contract and negotiating terms, as well as futures and carbon trading.

"We want to support the educational environment in Romania and to contribute through our knowledge to the training of Romanian agribusiness specialists. For us, Romania is an important market, both in terms of agricultural potential, by size and history of production, and due to human potential, where people are receptive to technological developments and want to align with international trading trends to ensure their access to competitive and transparent markets and a high level of specialization and professionalism", says Alexandra Suciu Sorensen, Market Development for Romania, within Commoditrader.

The strategy of the Faculty of Management and Rural Development is to position itself as a dynamic institution of higher education, closely following the changes in the labour market and in society in general. A continuous concern of the faculty management is to increase the quality of the teaching act, of the entire educational process (from the curricula, to the subject sheets, teachers, educational spaces, endowments and practical training stages), in order to train specialists who they can integrate into the knowledge-based society, ready to take on responsibilities, capable of career flexibility and ready to lead.

We are in permanent dialogue with representatives of the business environment from the local agribusiness, farmers, input suppliers, agricultural product traders, processors, agricultural press. We are looking for information, we train our students in the spirit of openness to the new strategies and technologies, and the partnership with Commoditrader is an example in this regard and is also an opportunity that allows us to learn from the source how agricultural markets work and prepare the students for business of the future”, says Prof. Toma Dinu, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Rural Development and holder of the course Costs, Prices and Tariffs in the specialization Engineering and Management of Agricultural Affairs.

About Faculty of Management and Rural Development

The Faculty of Management and Rural Development (FMDR) is one of the seven faculties within the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest (USAMBV), the oldest institution of higher agricultural education in Romania. FMDR is present in Bucharest and in the two branches in Călărași and Slatina.

FMDR carries out two bachelor's specializations: Engineering and Management of Rural Agricultural Affairs, and Engineering and Management in Public Food and Agritourism, considering them as the most adapted to both the experience of the teaching staff and the requirements of the labour market. Also, within FMDR there are five master specializations: Management and Rural Development, Quality and Innovation Management, Management in Agritourism and Public Catering, Management and Internal Audit and Agribusiness.

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