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Sustainable start-up Waterdrop CEE announces financial results for 2021: increase turnover by up to 200% at the group level and over 4.000 products sold in Romania

March 29, 2022 at 6:00:00 AM

Sustainable start-up Waterdrop CEE announces financial results for 2021: increase turnover by up to 200% at the group level and over 4.000 products sold in Romania

Waterdrop CEE, the start-up that aims to encourage people to consume more water and adopt more sustainable habits, announces financial results for 2021. Present in four different markets, the company recorded an increase in turnover of almost 200%, amounting to 2.8 million € total. Launched last fall in Romania, Waterdrop debuted with up to 4.000 products sold locally in the last quarter of 2021.

The year 2021 was a dynamic one, full of changes and unpredictable measures generated by the pandemic, which companies in all sectors of activity faced. Not only has Waterdrop effectively adapted to these challenges in line with the needs of its customers, but it has also managed to overcome the period with favorable financial results and expand its operations to a new market, Romania.

„We can say that we had a successful year financially speaking. Despite the unexpected measures and changing circumstances, we managed to meet our goals and make a profit of 20%. Since the company launch, we have registered a sizable turnover increase of up to 200%, with a total turnover of 2.8 million euros in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Romania. The opening of the first physical store in the Czech Republic, in the Brno, has certainly contributed to this, but also the expansion of the existing portfolio with other product lines, such as bottles, the Microtea range, and other limited editions that enjoyed the appreciation of customers. The Czech Republic remains the country with the largest market share, but by 2022 we expect significant growth in all other markets, including Romania”, stated Kateřina Navrátilová, CEO of Waterdrop CEE.

Waterdrop CEE was established in Brno in 2018, having its headquarters in Vienna. As it enjoyed great appreciation from Czech customers, surpassing all initial plans, the company decided to gradually expand to other neighboring countries, such as Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and most recently, Hungary, from which there are high expectations. As a result, Waterdrop CEE has been recognized by the Financial Times as the fastest-growing European company in the Food and Beverage sector in 2022.

During the pandemic, Waterdrop CEE noticed a change in consumer behavior who, during the period of isolation, began to become more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and look for information on how to stay fit in the context of working from home. Sugar-free and preservative-free drinks have also become an integral part of a balanced lifestyle.

Sales doubled in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and tripled in the Polish market. The average stable purchase value is 45€ in all CEE countries where the start-up operates. In line with the sales increase, the number of units sold as well, to over 3 million capsules last year, highlights the popularity of the revolutionary Microdrinks. The customer's transfer online has been a favorable market environment for Waterdrop, which has easily adapted, as it has its origins as an online store.

In Romania, over 2.100 orders total and almost 4.000 products were sold

Although it has been operating in Romania for only a few months, Waterdrop has achieved results that have met the company's expectations. This trend demonstrates the increasing need for sustainable products and alternatives to carbonated or high sugar beverages and implicitly the necessity for innovative products in the local market.

“A relevant part of the brand's identity is the Waterdrop Club loyalty program, a community of loyal customers and brand fans that grows from year to year. Currently, the club brings together over 40.000 consumers in the CEE area. The strongest club now is the Czech Republic one, but the Romanian community has also had a dynamic evolution - over 2.800 consumers have joined since its launch”, completed Kateřina Navrátilová.

In the last quarter of 2021, the company reached a sales volume of almost 4,000 products in the Microdrink and Microtea ranges, registering over 2.100 orders total. The company's plans for Romania focus on educating the market on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the current customer base consolidation and increase by 60%.

Waterdrop and Plastic Bank, in partnership for a cleaner environment and a better life

Consumers' concern for sustainability and environmental responsibility is growing at the European level, with these directions being an integral part of the Waterdrop brand. Customers' interest in reusable containers is confirmed by the sales of over 60.000 thermal bottles and glasses.

In addition to sustainable production, Waterdrop CEE pays special attention to recycling, as evidenced by its long-term partnership with Plastic Bank, the company that builds recycling ecosystems to combat ocean pollution and poverty in developing countries. Following the expansion of the distribution chain through its physical stores in the last six months, the most recent being in Prague and Brno, Waterdrop has collected over 80.000 empty packages in the recycling program.

Under the new slogan "Drink more water, cherish your mind", Waterdrop's goal remains to motivate people to drink more water while educating them on the need for an optimal and sustainable hydration regime.


About Waterdrop

Waterdrop is a brand founded in 2016 by Martin Donald Murray and Henry Murray, with the mission to encourage people everywhere to consume more water for a healthier, longer-lived, and sustainable life. In 2022, Waterdrop was recognized by the Financial Times as the fastest-growing company in the Food and Beverage sector in Europe. Present worldwide in 12 markets, 11 markets in Europe (Germany, Austria, UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania), and the USA, Waterdrop serves over 1 million customers globally.

The company is committed to carefully handling raw resources like water and helping to protect the environment. With the solutions offered, it saves up to 98% of packaging and CO2, protecting the planet's resources. Waterdrop® means functionality and design to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, actively promoting a balanced lifestyle. Through the ingredients quality and the unique product design, Waterdrop gets closer to its community in everyday life.

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