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Oveit and partner to revolutionize the online ticketing industry

October 13, 2022 at 7:30:00 AM

Oveit and partner to revolutionize the online ticketing industry

Bucharest, 13th of October 2022

Oveit, the tech company that offers online ticketing and live experiences solutions, partners with to support the development of cutting-edge technologies. Artificial intelligence-powered NFTs are the latest step in the company’s aim to combine experiential art with online and in-person experiences with the help of innovative technology.

Oveit is the first company to be listed in the launchpad developed by, the company that develops AI solutions for digital identity creation and corporate Web 3.0 adaptation. By listing on the Humans Scale launchpad, the company launches Oveit Token to strengthen the connection between experience creators of experiences, fans, and merchants. This utility token will help accelerate projects running on the blockchain because it can be used for listing smart contracts, minting NFTs, and processing cashless payments through Oveit Pay.

At the same time, through the token, the users will receive various benefits that are available in the community. This way, Oveit becomes a decentralized ecosystem, allowing its users to easily access the multiple solutions offered by the company: NFT Ticketing, cashless payments for events and tourism, hybrid events, and live stream shopping.

Oveit marks this transition by bringing together the online ticketing solution with collectible tokens, creating an experiential art AI NFT ticket. Their plans also focus on developing the payment solution by implementing a new programmable token that can become an alternative payment method in various contexts.

„Digitalization opened a new door for the entertainment industry from many perspectives. Nowadays, the event and digital industries are more connected than ever, making it customary to bring a digital element into every live event. Launching the AI NFT tickets will enable event organizers to cross traditional boundaries and explore new grounds. The partnership with helps us to elevate the customer experience by bringing a unique element to online tickets. Many people like to keep their tickets as a way to reminisce, but a simple QR code has no meaning behind it. Combining online tickets with artificial intelligence-generated art makes it easier to collect memories, adding features that make it valuable and collectible”, stated Mihai Drăgan, COO of Oveit. brings together an ecosystem of stakeholders around the use of AI to create at scale. Now, the company is developing a complex launchpad to connect breakthrough AI businesses with real-world use cases, allowing AI researchers and developers to scale their ideas to sustainable business from web2 to web3 using blockchain technology.

“Blockchain is the perfect medium for AI, as its inherent characteristics facilitate collaboration, transparency, and openness to projects that choose to build on top of it. With Humans Scale, we give AI startups the necessary technology to create artificial intelligence at scale and seamlessly transition from web2 to web3”, said Bart Veenman, Chief Commercial Officer at


About Oveit

Oveit is a company originally from Romania, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, in 2019, aiming to improve access to marketing and experiential trading solutions through its products. So far, Oveit has launched cashless payments and loyalty solutions for events and entertainment venues and solutions for access control and registration at virtual and physical events.

The start-up was named the "Most Promising Fintech of 2019" at the NOCASH Gala, and the WTO, part of the United Nations, awarded them the title of "disruptive technology innovator". 

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