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Nod makerspace Association appoints JuneCom to run the PR launch of Make for Romania platform

May 6, 2020 at 9:00:00 PM

Nod makerspace Association appoints JuneCom to run the PR launch of Make for Romania platform

JuneCom, the specialist communications agency for the companies activating in the B2B sectors, has been appointed by Nod makerspace Association, a creative ecosystem and space for makers and co-working, to deliver the communication and media relations for the launch of its new online platform – Make for Romania.

Focusing on messaging, media relations, and content, JuneCom have been chosen to raise awareness of Make for Romania, the platform that digitalizes the small producers’ community and gives them access to resources that assists them in better fairing through the actual crisis. connects people and companies with creative ideas, knowledge, and infrastructure with the aim of developing projects and products to help those that are most exposed to the new coronavirus.

JuneCom was selected because of its experience in the market infrastructure and proven track record of communicating the launch of other digital start-ups, and for being a member of Nod makerspace community since 2018.

Florin Cobuz, Founder of Make for Romania, and Nod makerspace said: “We bring together an entire community of creative people, makers, small companies who need support and big companies who can offer their infrastructure and resources to support. JuneCom is member of our community whom we have collaborated already in other successful projects.”

Iuliana Floricică, Co-founder of JuneCom said:” The social and economic crisis in which the new coronavirus has thrown us has major effects on companies’ viability. We want to support, pro bono at this stage, a project that helps an entire industry: makers, object designers, workshops, and small producers, who now need to reformulate their businesses to continue. I strongly resonated with the first objective of Make for Romania, to support those who produce protective objects for front-line medical staff in this health crisis”.

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