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June Communications takes over communications for fintech Filbo, OMRO's digital lending platform

February 16, 2023 at 9:45:00 AM

June Communications takes over communications for fintech Filbo, OMRO's digital lending platform

Bucharest, 16th of February 2023

Starting in February of this year, the marketing and communication agency, June Communications, becomes responsible for PR activities, email marketing, and social media content for fintech Filbo. The platform is a 100% digital solution that finances micro-enterprises of type SRL, SA, PFA, II, and IF, active in the market for at least 12 months, with a turnover of less than EUR 2 million and less than 10 employees.

Filbo, the digital platform of the OMRO company, granted loans worth 9.6 million RON in the first half of 2022, representing a 66% increase compared to the total volume of digital loans granted in 2021. Developed and launched in 2020, the Filbo platform offers 100% digital financing, providing customers with an easy process while promoting sustainability by eliminating printed documents.

"The Filbo platform was designed to meet the needs of small entrepreneurs who, during the pandemic, needed support to continue their business, using a 100% digitized solution and avoiding trips to the bank and the spread of the virus. We want to strengthen our position in the market, so we opted for a collaboration with an agile agency with experience in PR and marketing for financial services, which would understand our activity and help us fulfill our business plan. June Communications was the best choice for us", declares Daniela Bojincă, Growth Marketing Manager of Filbo and EasyBill Digital.

June Communications, an agile PR and MarComm B2B unit, specializes in the financial services, insurance, agriculture, technology, and automotive sectors. The company began its activity almost five years ago in the startup segment, collaborating with national and international businesses, gathering a portfolio of over 11 fintechs in various fields, that evolved from startups to scaleups, and stable businesses, such as Agreena, Agra Asigurări, Tarfin, Fortech Investments și Fortech 

Products, Mogo, Oveit, Smart Fintech, Instant Factoring, and Pluridio. In the last two years, the company has strengthened its activity in the IMM and enterprise segments, providing PR and MarComm services to companies such as AON, APS Holding, Bozankaya, Wabag, Stera Chemicals, and IT Smart Systems.

„We are glad to start the journey with Filbo and support them through our experience in digital financial services addressed to micro-companies and small entrepreneurs in various fields, to increase their brand awareness and strengthen it, and at the same time to communicate better with existing customers and prospects. So far, we have adapted to the client's needs and aimed to propose and implement the right solutions to support him in the delivery of the business plan, integrating through a dedicated team as an outsourced department of the client", says Iuliana Floricică, CEO of June Communications.


About June Communications

June Communications is an agile agency in the PR and MarComm industry based in Bucharest, Romania, aiming to support progressive companies to reach new levels of growth by better leveraging marketing and communication. June Communications offers a wide range of services in the sphere of PR, marketing, and communication, from strategic planning to implementation, being able to support the delivery of the business plan of startups but also to understand the needs of stable businesses by providing solutions innovative, customized to achieve the expected results.

About Filbo

Filbo is a Fintech platform that provides financing for micro-enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. The application process is 100% digital, from product selection, document upload, and online identification, to electronic contract signing. The digital lending solution aims to increase access to financing for small entrepreneurs, addressing a segment that needs faster and more flexible solutions.

Filbo is the only fintech in Romania that benefits from the EaSI European guarantee program offered by the European Investment Fund.

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