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Fortech Investments supports fresh startups, but experienced entrepreneurs too, offering them capital, partnerships, and smart money. In the next few years, it aims for at least 15 capital investments. What conditions must be met

August 17, 2021 at 6:00:00 AM

Fortech Investments supports fresh startups, but experienced entrepreneurs too, offering  them capital, partnerships, and smart money. In the next few years, it aims for at least 15 capital investments. What conditions must be met

Bucharest, August 17th, 2021: Fortech Investments is the new investment branch of Fortech, the Romanian company that for almost 20 years provides outsourcing services for software development. The new branch aims to support the startups at any stage of evolution to achieve their business objectives, assisting them in four different directions: Venture Capital, Joint Venture, Mergers & Acquisitions and Product, and business development.

In the past few years, the ecosystem of startups in Romania has grown exceptionally, becoming obvious that talent and knowledge are everywhere, especially outside the big companies. Because of that, Fortech Investments wants to provide the founders the resources that they need for the success of their business, at the right time.

Fortech Investments doesn’t just offer capital, like most of the investment funds, but also the option of product and business development for ideas with great potential or that of becoming partners with specialists from different fields who want to start a business.

”Nowadays, startups and entrepreneurs have much more diverse needs. That’s why we operate in four different directions, depending on the degree of involvement and maturity of companies and entrepreneurs. We want to create products internally, but, at the same time, to help others turn their vision into reality in the form of Joint Venture partnerships. Here, we complete the list of needs and capabilities with smart-money, specialists or consulting in various areas”, states Valentin Filip, Managing Director Product Investments of Fortech Investments.

Options for startups at any stage of development

Thus, the new entrepreneurs, who set up a tech start-up that has already shown initial traction, can access one of the two rounds of financing that Fortech Investments offers ꟷ Pre-Seed or Seed. There is also the possibility to exit, entering the Fortech family, where entrepreneurs will receive the needed resources and space to take their start-up where they want.

”For startups, we have two rounds of financing ꟷ Pre-Seed or Seed ꟷ or we offer them the exit option and we receive them within the Fortech Group, where they will be able to focus, as they should, on their business needs, without having to take care of resources, people or limited time", continues Valentin Filip.

The entrepreneurs who already know the industry in which they work and the needs of the market can also turn to Fortech Investments, for a Joint Venture partnership, where their time, knowledge, and professional network can be used efficiently, while the company completes the list of capabilities with capital, software development, recruitment or marketing, and sales, depending on the needs.

”If you have not yet taken the steps towards entrepreneurship, but you have an idea you believe in, Fortech Investments can validate it, and then we can turn it together into a successful product and business", Valentin Filip encourages the Romanian entrepreneurs looking to develop their startups.

A successful example on the Romanian market

Over the last five years, Fortech has invested more than 4 million euros in 13 tech startups, most of them located in the United States. In the last year, however, it has focused on the Romanian market, the last major investment being in the telemedicine start-up Telios, with an amount of 400,000 euros.

“We approached Fortech Investments in our quest to transition Telios Care from a mid-stage start-up to a scale-up. We wanted to do this by developing more expedient processes and operational and market goals that encompass Eastern Europe, not only Romania. The result was that they added more depth not only to our product but to our team too, providing expertise and approaching the investment in a soft way. We had very open discussions during which we understood that our thought processes are similar. This helped us to develop a strong relationship and, ultimately, a successful partnership”, states Philip Choban, CEO of Telios Care.

In the next two to three years, Fortech Investments plans to invest capital in over 15 tech startups and to conclude at least 3-4 Joint Venture partnerships, especially in industries such as Health, Finance, Education, Transportation, or Production.


About Fortech Investments

Fortech Investments is the investment arm of Fortech, a Romanian software development company that has been operating on the market for almost two decades. Its goal is to support entrepreneurs and startups with funding, partnerships, and smart money, at any stage, to help them achieve their business goals.

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