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FinLight, fintech start-up, launches a digital financial platform for streamlining and controlling the businesses of Romanian entrepreneurs

June 23, 2020 at 9:00:00 PM

FinLight, fintech start-up, launches a digital financial platform for streamlining and controlling the businesses of Romanian entrepreneurs

Romanian entrepreneurs will be able as from today to use a completely digital tool for streamlining and controlling their businesses, through the launching of platform. FinLight is a Romanian fintech start-up that supports entrepreneurs to make the right decisions in the context of their company's financial position, through a simple financial reporting solution and fully digital accessible.

“Over the years I have assessed the financial situation and commercial risks of thousands of companies, of different sizes, complexity of activity and in all sectors, from the CFO position, consultant and risk analyst. Many entrepreneurs could have created advantageous conditions for their business or even avoided critical situations if they had access to a clear picture of the company's financial situation. In the current conditions, when the aid granted to the Romanian entrepreneur remains most often at the level of discourse, we have created a support solution - a financial reporting tool, simple and accessible, which provides a real help to local businesses", says Alexandru Popescu , co-founder of FinLight.

The platform is suitable to all stakeholders in the company: shareholders, management, suppliers, customers, founders, and banks, regardless of their level of financial background. The platform has potential applicability on any accounting system and provides information according to the highest standards of professional financial reporting, but with the advantage of a much lower cost level through automation, compared to traditional reporting solutions.

"With FinLight, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the evolution of a company can answer questions that are of their constant concern or can get a better understanding of the right questions to address, especially in the difficult economic context, such as of today. They can analyze the strength of their own company and better recognize the levers they have to obtain support from suppliers or banks in case of need, by assessing the balance sheet structure, the capacity of loans repayment and the opportunity for financial or commercial lending”, continues Alexandru.

The information presented in the FinLight platform is clear, recent and is updated at the end of each monthly accounting closing. As part of the financial reporting, the users of the platform also benefit from an assessment and alerting system on the company's financial vulnerabilities. Everything is presented in graphical form, to easily follow the evolution of financial indicators, including their interpretation, so that the information can be used by a variety of users.

By implementing the internal financial reporting function, entrepreneurs identify ways to improve their business: evaluating the structure of revenues, keeping expenses under control, evaluating the balance sheet structure (available resources and debts), streamlining the cash conversion cycle and correctly sizing commercial credit and / or banking.

Entrepreneurs have permanent access to the overall financial image of the company, as well as the ability to access essential information to perform a proper financial monitoring function. FinLight also brings entrepreneurs several benefits beyond existing external reporting systems on the market:

· the availability of information immediately after making the accounting records, compared to other reporting solutions that provide information 6 months late and only after the closing of the statutory financial statements;

· the flexibility to customize and adapt the report according to the users’ needs analysis;

· the possibility of analyzing monthly variations, by presenting the information in monthly series;

· access to clear and detailed information, including intermediate steps of data verification, as a result of processing basic gross accounting data - records on each transaction;

· the permanent warning of the user, through an alert system integrated in the platform, on the sensitive areas of the company - the payment capacity, the financial stability, and the quality of the cash flow.

The alerts are structured and detailed and draw attention to the evolution of the financial situation with each monthly update of the data.

FinLight is founded by two Romanian entrepreneurs, with complementary professional experience in the financial and IT area. After a 12-year career in software engineering, in the corporate IT industry in various fields of activity, where he gained experience, Bogdan Bala, co-founder of FinLight, accepted the challenge of applying his knowledge in building from scratch an innovative fintech solution, usable by the local entrepreneurial environment.

Alexandru Popescu has 13 years of experience in credit risk management, financial analysis of companies and financial and banking consulting, acquired within Deloitte, Coface and the former Piraeus Bank. “We created FinLight to support all entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry, financial knowledge or business size. We are here to help them with optimal solutions that will make their business more efficient and at a reasonable price ", he concludes.


About FinLight

FinLight is a Romanian fintech start-up founded by two Romanian entrepreneurs, Alexandru Popescu and Bogdan Bala with an individual experience of over 12 years in financial analysis, consulting, and credit risk management, respectively software development, accumulated within multinational companies and in Romanian entrepreneurial environment.

Through the financial reporting solution within the platform, the company assumes the mission to offer entrepreneurs and all supporters of local companies, transparency, visibility and understanding of its financial situation to streamline and make the best decisions.


Craiova, Bd. Dacia nr 36

Tel: 0741 170 178



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