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APS CREDIT FUND SICAV has raised over EUR 30 million from investors

February 21, 2022 at 10:00:10 AM

APS CREDIT FUND SICAV has raised over EUR 30 million from investors

Bucharest, 21.02.2022

Within the first subscription period, investors have injected over EUR 30 million into APS CREDIT FUND SICAV. The fund focuses on investments into so-called distressed debt transactions is expected to bring an average annual return of 12%*. The APS Group has already identified investment opportunities totaling EUR 8 million for the fund and a substantial part is in Romanian distressed situations.

APS CREDIT FUND focuses on large corporate receivables secured by real estate assets. Typical collaterals may be logistics centers, hotels, offices, and residential buildings and lands.

"Investors clearly see sense in our strategy and trust us," says Martin Machoň, CEO of APS.

"We are satisfied with the amount raised, which is over 30 million EUR, and even our colleagues in the industry consider this fundraising effort to be one of the most successful in recent years," adds Martin Machoň.

The fund's investment strategy reflects the current economic situation of companies and consumers, who are heavily affected by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. It has deprived many companies of cash flow and frozen their projects.

"The fund has managed to raise much more capital than we planned in the first subscription period. The current crisis presents unique investment opportunities. Governments have relaxed moratoriums imposed on loan repayments. Markets are gradually clearing, which means that interesting portfolios with distressed debts and real estate assets are available," comments Alena Bobaru, Country manager of APS Romania.

APS Group is a trusted partner of the world's leading financial institutions, investment funds, and private investors. It employs nearly 600 people in 15 countries. In total, it manages 99 portfolios with a nominal value of EUR 9.9 billion. APS Group has extensive experience in complex investments across Central, Southern, and South-Eastern European markets. As a result, the APS CREDIT FUND offers a high expected target return on investment.

*Expected appreciation is an estimate that does not guarantee future returns.


APS CREDIT FUND SICAV represents an investment opportunity with the expected above-standard return. The newly established fund aims to purchase problematic overdue receivables. The fund manages and collects these receivables. The financing of the fund is provided both by its own resources and by qualified private investors.

The Fund acquires assets located in capital structures and companies domiciled in the Czech Republic and other European countries. The key geographical areas include the countries of Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe.

APS Group was established in 2004, and during its 17 years of existence, the company has managed to take a top position in 15 other countries. It operates mainly in the Central and South-Eastern European markets. The group's area of expertise consists of 3 pillars: alternative asset management, real estate investments, and debt recovery. APS Group currently manages 99 non-performing loan portfolios with a total nominal value of over EUR 9.9 billion.

APS Romania was established in 2007, currently operates with 290 employees, and in 2021, its revenues were over EUR 7 million.

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