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Agra Asigurări launches new benefits for farmers to 2021 insurance products

September 14, 2021 at 6:00:00 AM

Agra Asigurări launches new benefits for farmers to 2021 insurance products

Bucharest, September 14th, 2021: Agra Asigurări, the company specialized in agricultural insurance, introduces new benefits for Romanian farmers within the crop reseeding packages. This year's novelties concern both autumn and spring crops. Additional covers are available for the autumn crops, rapeseed, and cereals, as well as the risks in the return package and the damage caused by specific crops' pests. The return package also extends to spring crops by covering risks that may affect the emergence and development of plants in the early stages. For the spring crops, the damages produced by crust, soil washing, fine soil particles, and frost are covered in the insurance policy.

The improvement of the products is a continuous process of analysis and additional coverings for vine cultivation for wine and grapes, by granting additional compensation in case of damage caused by hail starting from the vegetation stage in the lever.

"Agriculture is an increasingly risky business in recent years due to climate change that generates unpredictable risks. We want to be as close as possible to our farmers. We are constantly working to offer them viable solutions and new advantages to protect their work and crops", said Horia-Adrian Lupu, General Manager of Agra Asigurări România.

Present on the Romanian market since 2016, Agra Asigurări offers farmers several insurance products, such as the Agrar Basis policy for large crops, Agrar Basis for Vine and Table Grapes, the Universal Sugar Beet policy, Drought Index, and last but not least, the insurance policy for Greenhouses and Solar.

The risks insured by the Agrar Basis policy are hail, fire, frost, late spring frost, storm, and torrential rain or reseeding package that includes the following risks: Damage caused by sand/soil particles generated by the strong wind, Crust, Soil washing pedological in the rising phase, the final winter drought and the damage caused by specific pests.

For pedological drought and damage caused by specific pests, the reseeding costs are reimbursed by 15% of the insured amount, but not more than 750 RON per ha and only after the reseeding has finished. For the other risks covered, the reseeding costs are compensated by 20% of the insured amount per hectare, no more than 1000 RON, and only after the reseeding has been performed.

Crops eligible for the Agrar Basis insurance program are cereals (wheat, rye, sorghum, buckwheat, spelled, Triticum, barley, triticale, oats, millet, mixed cereals), maize (for grain, silage, and maize seed), fruit oilseeds (sunflower, flax for oil and fiber, poppy, rapeseed, saffron, mustard), legumes (peas, field beans, Lathyrus, lupine, soybeans, chickpeas), roots (fodder beet, sugar beet, horseradish, pumpkin for oil, potato), as well as alternative plants (hemp and cumin).

From the Agra Asigurări branch establishment in Romania in 2016, the company's portfolio has increased five times, to over 800,000 insured hectares. The company estimates that the number of insured areas will increase in the next two years, growing to 1,000,000 ha per agricultural year, simultaneously with the digitalization of work processes.

Since its entrance into the local market, the agricultural insurer has introduced a digitized process, which aims to reduce documents in physical format. Thus, farmers can register online in the Agra Asigurari Portal and benefit from services with a minimum bureaucracy, from issuing insurance offers and policies in electronic format to notifying damages and paying compensation.


About Agra Asigurări

The agricultural insurance company Österreichische Hagelversicherung was founded in 1947 in Austria at the initiative of farmers by Austrian insurance companies. Since 2016, the company provides insurance products to Romanian farmers, being the only insurer specializing in the agricultural field.

Through the continuous development of the product range, the company offers the insured the best solutions to prevent climate effects. Agra Insurance guarantees the fastest and most modern damage assessment in Europe. Thus, the quick and non-bureaucratic aid in case of damage is the basic principle of Agra Asigurări.

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