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Agra Asigurări creates new jobs in agriculture and recruits 50 damage assessors

February 15, 2022 at 7:00:00 AM

Agra Asigurări creates new jobs in agriculture and recruits 50 damage assessors

Agra Asigurări, the only insurer dedicated exclusively to the agriculture sector in Romania, announced the recruitment of 50 agricultural damage assessors among farmers, vegetable producers, agronomists, and graduates of agriculture studies. The company is expanding its operational team to serve the growing demand for agricultural insurance policies in Romania as climate change poses unforeseen problems for farmers.

After the drought in 2020, the year 2021 came with severe climatic phenomena, such as hail, storm, and excessive rains, massively affecting the entire southern area, from Mehedinți to Constanța, but also in ​​Moldova. Thus, the forecasts for 2022 show that farmers increasingly need to take out a risk insurance policy for crops. In terms of natural disasters, they will always remain an unpleasant surprise for farmers, forcing them to have a reserve plan.

“In the next period, we will focus our efforts on expanding the teams of damage assessors to have optimal coverage at the national level. The demand for agricultural insurance policies is growing because of the seasonal damage caused by unpredictable natural phenomena in a much shorter time. Thus, we need to adapt our internal resources to cover the risks of damage, but also to be able to assess and compensate the farmers on time”, stated Horia-Adrian Lupu, General Director of Agra Asigurări.

Opportunities for agricultural damage assessment

The insurer recruits 50 farmers or specialists in the agricultural field on a part-time schedule, an essential benefit for them. Future assessors are encouraged to continue their farm work, to apply their knowledge in the job of damage assessor, and at the same time, to accumulate expertise that they can then use in their farm - it is a win-win process.

Full national coverage through specialist assessors stimulates collaboration between all players involved in this ecosystem, from insurers to farmers, and encourages the exchange of knowledge and experience between farmers. This speeds up the development of the country's agricultural sector.

Agra Asigurări trains its damage assessors in several stages, depending on their degree of preparation, covering both the insurance process - the insurance conditions, the insured risks, and the types of crops insured and up to the damage assessment methods for each category. The training takes place in theory and practice, in the field, where evaluators can best understand how to recognize crop damage. The company also offers a long-term professional development perspective, from novice to expert in damage assessment and completion.

The agro insurer has implemented a technological system since the branch establishment in Romania, following the western trends. In addition to the intuitive and non-bureaucratic process, farmers, collaborators, and evaluators have several digital resources that ease their work: the online portal, which acts as an electronic archive, and the Agra Sat application, which provides satellite imagery to track crops. The damage assessment happens in the field, where farmers can actively participate. The process involves a tablet application, which has extensive research & development and a certified methodology behind it, for each type of crop and risk.

“Damage assessors play a vital role in the insurance and valuation process, as they are the liaison between the insurer and the customer. The direct and open interaction that the evaluators have with the clients helps us to have an in-depth understanding of the challenges they face in their daily work. This way, we can come up with products and facilities that will serve their needs and make their work easier, so that they can continue their mission - to provide the food for the population, added Horia-Adrian Lupu.

Farmers, agronomists, vegetable producers, or graduates of agricultural studies who want to access new opportunities can apply for the available positions to contribute to the development of the agriculture sector in Romania.


About Agra Asigurări

The insurance company Österreichische Hagelversicherung was founded in 1947 in Austria at the farmers' initiative by Austrian insurance companies. Due to its exclusive experience in the agricultural field, Agra Asigurări is one of the few European insurance companies that insure drought since 2000.

Since the opening of the local branch in Romania in 2016, drought risk insurance is now available for Romanian farmers, along with standard coverings for hail, fire, storm, torrential rain, and frost.

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