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After half a century: Timișoara tests its new, high technology tram, produced by the Turkish - German consortium Bozankaya-Sileo. It respects the EU standards, has zero CO2 emissions, and it breaks a world record

August 16, 2021 at 11:00:00 AM

After half a century: Timișoara tests its new, high technology tram, produced by the Turkish - German consortium Bozankaya-Sileo. It respects the EU standards, has zero CO2 emissions, and it breaks a world record

Bucharest: 16.08.2021: With the delivery of the first Bozankaya tram from the series of 21 bought with EU funds by the Timisoara City Hall, the city aligns with the European standards both in terms of compliance with low pollution, where Romania records one of the lowest scores, and the comfort offered to passengers during the trip.

Made in Ankara, in the newest production center of 100.000 sqm in the Industrial Zone of Sincan, by the Turkish-German consortium Bozankaya-Sileo, with a length of 29.99 meters and a width of 2.4 meters, the first tram delivered to Timisoara is in the last stage of the technical tests set – the one on rails before getting the final authorization. The tram is produced according to the highest existing technologies, is 100% electrical, having zero emissions of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the vehicle can also function autonomously on a battery that can be charged directly from the overhead lines, on a minimum guaranteed distance of 63 kilometers and up to 70 km, a world record for the industry of trams.

Bozankaya Tram is a pioneer with its high passenger capacity, low energy consumption, zero emissions, modern design, and high battery autonomy. Produced with the most advanced technology, it’s an ideal solution for urban transportation thanks to its high performance and efficiency. While its 100% low floor design provides ease of access, its spacious and bright saloon offers high passenger satisfaction. It has a high passenger-carrying capacity. Bozankaya Tram is compatible with all kinds of urban conditions and offers flexible and trouble-free travel options thanks to its modular design. In addition to the high level of comfort, the tram provides maximum safety.

The care for climate change of the manufacturer can be checked by looking at field data and evaluations of the Turkey traffic, where the CO2 emissions drastically decreased in the last five years, by 54.384 tons upon the usage of the electric trams produced by the consortium. Therefore, for Timișoara, the acquisition of the tram means one step further in its mission to be a greener city and, at the same time, a great change for its citizens’ comfort, who are currently moving around the city by dozens of trams that were never replaced in the past 50 years and less than half of them being refurbished in the last years.

Besides the fact that it doesn’t pollute the air at all, the Bozankaya tram doesn’t generate phonic pollution either due to its bogie design which minimizes vibration and noise. Thus, the citizens of Timisoara can enjoy comfortable journeys, mainly because the waiting time between stops will be significantly reduced, the capacity of the Bozankaya tram being of 251 passengers - 48 on the seats and 203 standing.

„Climate change is evident and impacts all countries of the world. It is in our power to use the current technologies and to make a joint effort to ensure the health of this planet and ours. At Bozankaya we put great effort in the R&D having an R&D Center of more than 1.000 people including engineers, industrial designers and scientists. We have invested over 25 million euros in 24 R&D projects in the past 10 years. We use state-of-the-art technologies in the production of public transport electric vehicles: trolleybuses, trams, e-buses, subway trains, which are found all over the world and are used by millions of people every day”, stated Aytunç Günay, General Manager and Chairman of the Board at Bozankaya.

Safety comes first

Before going on the streets of Timisoara, to ensure the safety of its passengers, the technical production team of Bozankaya applied a set of tests in the factory in Ankara, making sure the tram is effective and safe from the technical point of view. The tests covered all the technical details, from passenger and driver area light intensity to passenger doors function, to the water tightness and battery endurance test. These days, the tram circulates on the streets of Timișoara to verify its braking system and its passenger load factor, the last step before receiving its AFER certificate.

Bozankaya vehicles, all over the world

The public transportation vehicles of Bozankaya were enthusiastically received in other big European countries in the past, like Germany – where it circulates in 11 cities –, and Luxembourg.

Furthermore, the Turkish-German manufacturer already has a background in ensuring a smooth traffic flow. Together with the technological colossus Siemens, Bozankaya has formed a consortium that has delivered 193 metro train wagons in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which are now transporting over 1 million passengers a day. The manufacturer continues to cooperate with many world giants, like Man, Siemens, Alstom, and Bombardier, with which produces thousands of railway and buses vehicles. In addition Bozankaya plans to sign contracts in Europe, Far East, South America, and the Middle East. For addressing unmet needs in both rail and road transportation sectors, in 2015, Frost & Sullivan awarded Bozankaya The most Innovative Company of the Year Award.

The company will also deliver trams in Iași. The project, to be mostly financed by the EU, includes the production of sixteen 30-meter-long, 230-passenger capacity five-module trams. Moreover, Bozankaya is also waiting for other tenders’ results, for delivery of other 49 trams, each of 18 meters long, in other four Romanian cities: 9 trams for Botoșani, 10 trams for Brăila, 10 trams in Galaţi and 20 trams for Ploiești.


About Bozankaya

Founded nearly three decades ago in Germany, Bozankaya has a strong track record as an innovator in developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low-noise, and low-cost vehicles for urban public transport. Bozankaya owns the intellectual property rights for the vehicles and technology produced at its vast production facilities, measuring 100.000 sqm. and located in Ankara. Maintaining a strong focus on R&D, the company has spent more than 25 million euros on 30 R&D projects within the past five years. In June 2018, Bozankaya became the first Turkish company to export metro trains, with the first shipments going to the Green Line Project in Bangkok.

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