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PR & Social Media Content Strategy and  Implementation for market positioning  and awareness among Romanian farmers about agricultural insurances in the context of climate changes


Agra Asiguări is an Austrian company established for 5 years in the Romanian market. The agro insurer entered the Romanian market from the very beginning with a complete digitized process that aimed to eliminate as much as possible the physical documents, from issuing electronic insurance offers and policies to the field assessment of damages by using tablets for processing and issuing a final damage protocol. Being a company with an international presence, the digitization process is well established in the entire group, making everything easier for both employees and end-users.

The group orientation is to support farmers in their day-to-day activity with an easy and digitized process, by protecting their work and harvest, as the climate environment is constantly changing. Their mission is to educate farmers to choose insurance services for their benefit but also to determine them to opt-in for more sustainable practices, to protect the environment for a better living, for them and the future generations.

Thus, the main goal of the PR Strategy was to create awareness around the agricultural insurance products and a strong and creative storyline about the digital agricultural risk carrier, obtaining the best positioning of the company among their target audience and stakeholders: insurance brokers, partners, agribusiness companies, and most importantly, the farmers, that have the most important mission of them all - to assure the nurture of the population, while also raising awareness towards the climate change and its impact in the agriculture industry.


  • Agriculture, Agricultural Insurance

Services Provided

  • PR and Communication strategy design

  • Social Media Management: editorial calendar, posts writing, posting, evolution monitoring, adjusting. Creative SM campaigns for driving engagement

  • Press Release writing, publishing to specialist, generalist and business media

  • Media pitching for creating further organic press opportunities: opinion articles and interviews. Management of Romanian press office to handle media inquiries

  • Media Coverage Monitoring, SOV, and media sentiment analysis

  • Facebook ADS set-up & management

  • Content distribution in SM Agriculture Groups 

  • Blog articles writing 

  • Infographic content writing


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The insurance company Österreichische Hagelversicherung was founded in 1947 in Austria at the farmers' initiative by Austrian insurance companies. Due to its exclusive experience in the agricultural field, Agra Asigurări is one of the few European insurance companies that insure drought since 2000. Since the opening of the local branch in Romania in 2016, drought risk insurance is now available for Romanian farmers, along with standard coverings for hail, fire, storm, torrential rain, and frost.

Since the establishment of the Agra Asigurări branch in Romania in 2016, the company's portfolio has increased five times, to 900,000 insured hectares. The company estimates that the number of insured surfaces will increase in the next two years up to 1,000,000 ha per agricultural year, simultaneously with the digitalization of work processes.


The JuneCom team designed an integrated MarCom campaign to raise awareness among Romanian farmers about the importance of agricultural insurance policies in the context of climate change and to increase brand notoriety in the local market. Consequently, we implemented a corporate communication plan simultaneously with a Social Media content strategy for 6 months.

The corporate strategy was focusing on communicating the new product launches, as well as emphasizing the benefits of a digitized process in the agricultural sector, and also the relevant experience of the company in the market when celebrating 5 years locally.

The Social Media strategy followed the same content pillars, using a more direct approach to stimulate engagement and interest among farmers at a national level. Moreover, we implemented side content campaigns, to show appreciation for the farmers and their effort in providing food for the population and to show the importance of the basic crops in our alimentation.

Besides the topics previously mentioned, Agra Asigurări was in a recruiting process for field evaluators, so they organized a series of interviews with some of the team members to show their perspective among the Romanian agriculture, about the job opportunities, and their background to inspire other farmers, fresh graduates or agronomic engineers to join the team.

The page’s general insights were growing organically from one month to another, gaining an audience from the target segment - people interested in the agricultural sector and local farmers that want to learn more about agricultural insurances and be up to date with the company’s news.

Deliverables for 6 months













The Outcome

  • + 105 Online Articles in Tier 1 and Tier 2 media

  • + 75 Social Shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • + 2   Digital Newspaper & Print

  • + 9   News Aggregators mentions

  • + 260 Facebook Followers

  • Presence in over 100 Facebook Groups dedicated to Agriculture, Farmers, Agronomy, Local producers, and local communities

During the past 6 months, the company news was always very well taken over, especially among the TIER 1 media - key publications for the agricultural sector, that published the press releases entirely. The general tone of voice was most of the time neutral and there were no negative materials generated by the launch of any of the press releases, proving that the media understood the messages correctly and resonated with the ideas and company values.


Whereas more than 85% of the publications used a neutral tone in their materials, around 10% used a positive tone, emphasizing the benefits of the insurance product for the Romanian farmers.

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